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The 3 pillars of Conscious Love

Here you'll find what you need to develop each of them.


Change comes through action and intimacy is no exception. These challenges will propel you into new states of Consciousness and Love by involving your all being, body included.

5-Day Challenge

15 minutes for 5 days = 10x Self-Acceptance


1-Hour Challenge

3x20min on your mat = 3x Love in your Life

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3-Week Challenge

1h for 3 weekends = 5x Sexy Intimacy

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Refreshing IDEAS

The world is changing faster than ever. So are we. Our programming and conditioning on Love and Relationships need a big update! Here's some content to open your mind and heart to new perspectives.

Hi! I'm Laura

Love & Intimacy Expert, Feminine Re-Sourcing Coach, founder of The Conscious Love Lab.

I empower women to get out of their worrying head, tune in to their Feminine Re-Sources and turn on their Love Life from a place of aliveness and alignment.

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